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Still Think Trans Women Have Male Privilege? These 7 Points Prove They Don’t

This article reads like the nightmare I lived in since I was around age five. Reblogged from everyday feminism Deanna Joy Hallmark Advertisements

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2015 Santa Fe Pride

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Has “Call Me Caitlyn” Cheapened The Transgender Reality For the Rest of Us?

I already posted the following text as a response on my trans sister’s blog Michelliana, but I have decided to re-post it here for those of you who don’t follow her blog.  Since I posted this last night, I have decided … Continue reading

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My Loving Supportive Sister

Here is a letter of testimony that my dear sister wrote to the Fairfax County, VA School Board in support of a change to the Board’s non-discrimination policy to include transgender students.  She granted permission to share it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To: The … Continue reading

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It’s About Time We Got Over It

What I’m about to say is offered with love and very tough love at that. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I see happening in the Trans blogsphere and I want to share my feelings about that. … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts on Being Invisible

My post the other day about the lack of visibility for trans folks I must admit was so full of blaming others that it’s not even funny.  I could have easily revised it or taken it off but then I … Continue reading

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Coming Out in A Big Way!

Santa Fe Pride Day on the Plaza Saturday June 28, 2014 What else is there to say! Deanna Joy Hallmark

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Queer and Proud of It

As a recently post-op transgender woman this past February, this year’s Pride Parade and Festival this weekend in Santa Fe and in many communities around the country and the world, has taken on a complete new meaning for me, as … Continue reading

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Taking the Wind Out the Sails When It’s Blowing Us Off Course

I have been noticing lately that there are a lot of well-meaning folks out there purporting to be trans-allies and trans-advocates who seem to not be doing those of us who are transgender a favor, but rather making it more … Continue reading

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The True Meaning to Me of “Living Outside of the Box”

A dear young friend of mine with whom I have formed a connection was writing in his Facebook status the other evening about a change in his present living situation and he mentioned a few possibilities to tide him over … Continue reading

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