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My First Post-Op Christmas

This Christmas holiday is the first since I completed my physical transition last February.  It is a Christmas I will spend with friends and this year with family.  My son is in town from California and will spend Christmas Eve as … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to All Who Dream of the Impossible

The following letter is one I wrote which started out as a reply to a comment made by a reader who responded to my last post, “Free at Last, Free at last…”  While it is addressed to her, I offer it as … Continue reading

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So What’s Next on My Near Empty Plate?

After two and a half years where the main driving force in my life was completing my physical transition, fueled by my gender dysphoria of not having my external sexual organs reflect my internal gender self identity, I have suddenly come to … Continue reading

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The Care and Feeding of A Vagina

I had planned to write this post after I completed my surgery, but I didn’t. Simple as that! I will try to make this palatable for at least most of my readers although I will forewarn you that I have a … Continue reading

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Bangkok, Thailand, Here I Come!

As I have posted on the blog many times before, I have always held in my heart that the completion of my transition with surgery was a done deal. Having said that, I am now in the process of arranging … Continue reading

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On the Night Before Christmas

As the midnight hour approaches on Christmas eve and will be passed by the time I finish writing and publishing this post, I am reminded once more of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carole.  It is a story that has probably … Continue reading

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Not having to try hard to be myself

Since being transgender seems to me, at least, mainly to be an issue of self-image, we are really not much different than cisgender people who have issues of their own self image, like women with too much hair where it … Continue reading

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Why walk when you can fly?

My fellow blogger friend Becky, in her recent post “How Things Work (or I’m Proud That My Kids Are Mad at Me)” has once again brought to mind some yet unprocessed emotional baggage around the issue of my own marriage breaking … Continue reading

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The Road shared with my Sisters

I’ve been thinking a lot about the surgery which will ultimately define me as a woman in the physical realm.  I spent a good part of the morning on the internet to find all that there is to know about … Continue reading

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Beauty really does come from within

This morning I had a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon regarding both facial surgery and liposuction.  My first impression upon entering his office was that it appeared very much like the spa where I’m currently having laser hair removal … Continue reading

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