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A Curious Conundrum

It is interesting to me that when I was still trying to pretend to be a “straight” guy, even though I was ally to the  GLBT communities, I still was abhorrent to watching or even imagining men kissing or otherwise … Continue reading

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Hey-la-day-la Part Deux

I want to set the record straight about my post last time when , if you may recall dear readers, I related an incident between myself and the “man next door” that may have left a bad taste in the … Continue reading

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Justice for all doesn’t necessarily mean equality for all

I woke up this morning not knowing that today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia until I went to check my email.   IDAHO is still the acronym used and is probably much easier to remember than IDAHoT, but … Continue reading

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Learning the meaning of “I’ve got a headache!”

I wrote a post last May called A Sexual Awakening and this post is, in part, a followup of sorts, spoken from my present experiences in my shape-shifting from male to female body, heart and soul, since I began hormone … Continue reading

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To dream and dance my joy

It’s now been a little over a month since my beloved wife and mother of our son made her transition to the realm of the Great Mystery, one quite different from the one on which I have embarked.  I have … Continue reading

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A Sexual Awakening

Last night and early this morning I had some fantastic dreams.  I haven’t been dreaming much lately, if fact, almost not at all.  Instead, I have been having many sleepless nights, catching a few winks here and there just before … Continue reading

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