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The Care and Feeding of A Vagina

I had planned to write this post after I completed my surgery, but I didn’t. Simple as that! I will try to make this palatable for at least most of my readers although I will forewarn you that I have a … Continue reading

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The Road to Bangkok: Another Rite of Passage

Yesterday, I had my first mammogram.  I had heard from girlfriends that the procedure was not fun but this was a new experience for me and I wanted to savor every moment, paying attention to every detail of the process, … Continue reading

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Hey-la-day-la my Mojo’s back

Forgive my impertinence, and I may be somewhat biased but mean no disrespect, but I have been wondering lately when I log on to the blogosphere to be a vocal advocate of things gender, sexuality, feminism and discrimination, whether I … Continue reading

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Finding my wings is like finding my keys

Since my last post I have moved into the next step of my journey which only days ago seemed daunting at the very least, impossible at the most.  Knowing that my insurance wouldn’t cover anything medical related to my transition … Continue reading

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In my mind, I am already there

It could be wishful thinking, but I swear my breasts are growing.  I’ve read that it’s supposed to happen with taking estrogen but I haven’t started that yet, and I do so look forward to when I can.  Before my … Continue reading

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