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“Free At Last, Free At Last…”

I believe few if any people can begin to fathom just how joyful and grateful I am to be alive and healthy these days.  As we approach the 4th of July this week, you may have noticed many posts with … Continue reading

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Early Childhood Recollections and Gender Self-Identity

I have a few different trains of thought running through my head as I write this and I will attempt to bring them all together by putting fingers to keys and words to screen, my own contemporary version of “putting … Continue reading

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The power of love

I’m glad I didn’t put on my mascara yet when I saw this. On a scale of one to five tissues, this is definitely a five! Love, Deanna Joy

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Give me your hand!

I can’t understand how one anonymous remark delivered to me from some women in my spiritual community by a man I once trusted with my life but am not so sure now if I can ever trust him again has … Continue reading

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What do you mean “I was asking for it ?” Part deux

For those of you who responded to my post yesterday and who had the compassion not to use my post as a platform to express another way of viewing the situation and simply showed their understanding of how I could … Continue reading

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Life is getting juicier by the moment

At around six o’clock this evening I woke up from a very vivid dream.  I didn’t sleep well last night as I was excited at the prospect of stepping out from the comfort of my left brain to participate in … Continue reading

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The burden and the gift

Today and the next two days are auspicious because they are not only about family, they have brought me to one more realization about my coming out and my transition. Today, April 29, was my fathers birthday, who passed away … Continue reading

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Oh, how I do love mornings

One of the most remarkable differences I’ve noticed in Deanna’s personality is that now I am more a morning person while, as David, I was in abject fear to crawl out of bed before ten or eleven AM.  I still … Continue reading

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