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Thus Spake Deanna

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”      -Sherlock Holmes Science, whether it be physics or politics is about having an idea, a supposition, if you will, and then experimenting with the … Continue reading

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Am I Still Transgender?

I have been pondering both before and since my GRS in February whether I identify as a post-op transgender woman or just a woman. Sure I can be one or the other or both, given the context into which I … Continue reading

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Looking Back From Over the Fence

Last time it was a serious piece and it’s done and over with so I believe its time for a few laughs at the expense of our menfolk just between me and my sisters out there.  I apologize in advance … Continue reading

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Observations from crossing over to the other side of the fence

To all of the cis-gender men and women out there, I am sorry to say that we live in a basically misogynistic culture.  This is no means a new idea for I have felt this in some way all throughout … Continue reading

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Closing doors behind me

I actually love it when a fellow TG blogger writes something that brings to mind an incident in my past where I have felt marginalized by having undue attention brought to me because it allows me to close a door … Continue reading

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I am the mistress of my own life

When I began speaking about my transition on this blog, I spoke about the sisterhood I had joined and how much I was glad for them being there for me in ways so different from the brotherhood of men I … Continue reading

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Keeping my eye on the prize

My latest challenges are two and they both are so much of equal importance that I can not neglect one while seeking the other.  The first is finding a part time or full time job being openly a transgender female … Continue reading

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Invoking the power of my Feminine side

For the last few nights I have been wearing only a satiny camisole and a pair of bikini panties to bed.  On the chilly nights, any sensible woman would opt for something warm and fuzzy, but, then again, I’m not … Continue reading

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