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Second Thoughts on Being Invisible

My post the other day about the lack of visibility for trans folks I must admit was so full of blaming others that it’s not even funny.  I could have easily revised it or taken it off but then I … Continue reading

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Queer and Proud of It

As a recently post-op transgender woman this past February, this year’s Pride Parade and Festival this weekend in Santa Fe and in many communities around the country and the world, has taken on a complete new meaning for me, as … Continue reading

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“I’m Just Saying!”

I responded to a post earlier today which delved into the topic of defining evolving terminology with regard to gender and sex.  My response was not a critique of the content. As far as I was concerned, the post covered a lot … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Be Exactly Who We Are and Who We Are Not

I was reading an article at everyday feminism [sic] digital magazine on the topic of racial prejudice and it brought to mind what I see on other blogs or in articles written on topics related to transgender and feminist issues.  I have written … Continue reading

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The power of love

I’m glad I didn’t put on my mascara yet when I saw this. On a scale of one to five tissues, this is definitely a five! Love, Deanna Joy

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The privileges and perils of being a lady

The past few days have been rather interesting, to say the least. As I posted just the other day, my car broke down on the way home from a meeting of a support community of about ten very diverse individuals, … Continue reading

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Me gusta mucho lo que es una chica!

The last two days have been full and wonderful and I’ve gotten behind in my postings. Yesterday, I got called in to help my former employer with flower deliveries but before I could do that, I had an appointment with … Continue reading

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