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The Care and Feeding of A Vagina

I had planned to write this post after I completed my surgery, but I didn’t. Simple as that! I will try to make this palatable for at least most of my readers although I will forewarn you that I have a … Continue reading

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Geesh Deanna! Where have you been?

It’s been almost two months since my GRS and I haven’t posted anything on this blog. It is time to get back to it, kiddo bambiddo, as my late beloved used to say. I still think of her often, sometimes … Continue reading

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The Road to Bangkok: About Saving Face

My good online girlfriend Robyn Alice introduced me to a friend of hers who had her own GRS with Dr. Preecha.  I asked her about the hair removal thing around the surgical site and learned that she didn’t have any … Continue reading

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The Road to Bangkok: Part 1b

I went today to the spa in Albuquerque and had a consultation about Laser hair removal treatments “down there” with the woman who will be giving me my treatments.  We also discussed some other areas to consider for treatment such … Continue reading

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My very first “Girl’s Night Out”

Two things have happened this week, since I returned from a wonderful retreat last weekend of my Celebration community at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. The first thing that happened was that I was invited by one of my new “girlfriends” … Continue reading

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Beauty really does come from within

This morning I had a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon regarding both facial surgery and liposuction.  My first impression upon entering his office was that it appeared very much like the spa where I’m currently having laser hair removal … Continue reading

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Amazing what a little beauty rest can do for a girl

In my last post, written the night before last, I spoke about how disappointed and worried I was about my gray beard.  When I awoke this morning and looked in the mirror what I saw was mostly dark hair in … Continue reading

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What is a girl to do about this face?

Today I made an appointment at a local Medical Spa for a consultation about having laser hair removal on my face.  What I know about the procedure is that the hair must be dark but as I have been letting … Continue reading

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