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Learning the meaning of “I’ve got a headache!”

I wrote a post last May called A Sexual Awakening and this post is, in part, a followup of sorts, spoken from my present experiences in my shape-shifting from male to female body, heart and soul, since I began hormone … Continue reading

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A Sexual Awakening

Last night and early this morning I had some fantastic dreams.  I haven’t been dreaming much lately, if fact, almost not at all.  Instead, I have been having many sleepless nights, catching a few winks here and there just before … Continue reading

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Shifting into Overdrive

I haven’t written a post in a while but I have been writing comments to other bloggers with whom I share an affinity and it finally dawned on me the reason why I haven’t tended to my own. When I … Continue reading

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Invoking the power of my Feminine side

For the last few nights I have been wearing only a satiny camisole and a pair of bikini panties to bed.  On the chilly nights, any sensible woman would opt for something warm and fuzzy, but, then again, I’m not … Continue reading

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