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Still Think Trans Women Have Male Privilege? These 7 Points Prove They Don’t

This article reads like the nightmare I lived in since I was around age five. Reblogged from everyday feminism Deanna Joy Hallmark

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Second Thoughts on Being Invisible

My post the other day about the lack of visibility for trans folks I must admit was so full of blaming others that it’s not even funny.  I could have easily revised it or taken it off but then I … Continue reading

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Looking Back From Over the Fence

Last time it was a serious piece and it’s done and over with so I believe its time for a few laughs at the expense of our menfolk just between me and my sisters out there.  I apologize in advance … Continue reading

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Being Woman Enough: More Memories of Being that “Wounded Little Girl”

This has become one of my longest posts so far, but I figured it was time to tell my story which I have been posting in pieces until now. How I came to write this piece or the story behind … Continue reading

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To love, serve and remember

Today I read a blog post that was reblogged from a blog called A Kick in the Ballots entitled “The ‘Born this Way’ Argument”. As is my usual way of being, I began to  respond because, although the post was thought … Continue reading

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Not having to try hard to be myself

Since being transgender seems to me, at least, mainly to be an issue of self-image, we are really not much different than cisgender people who have issues of their own self image, like women with too much hair where it … Continue reading

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