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Deanna Joy’s Serenity Prayer

To the Infinite Innate Intelligence within me, that some may call God, I am both willing and able to surrender my will and ego to your care, one day at a time. Thank you for granting me the wisdom and … Continue reading

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Taking the Wind Out the Sails When It’s Blowing Us Off Course

I have been noticing lately that there are a lot of well-meaning folks out there purporting to be trans-allies and trans-advocates who seem to not be doing those of us who are transgender a favor, but rather making it more … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday to the Woman I Have Always Been

Today, November 27, 2013 just happens to be the second birthday of the girl and woman I have always been. If you haven’t read my story before, just click on this link or the link above entitled “Coming Out as Deanna.” The … Continue reading

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Looking Back From Over the Fence

Last time it was a serious piece and it’s done and over with so I believe its time for a few laughs at the expense of our menfolk just between me and my sisters out there.  I apologize in advance … Continue reading

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The Road to Bangkok: About Saving Face

My good online girlfriend Robyn Alice introduced me to a friend of hers who had her own GRS with Dr. Preecha.  I asked her about the hair removal thing around the surgical site and learned that she didn’t have any … Continue reading

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Hey-la-day-la Part Deux

I want to set the record straight about my post last time when , if you may recall dear readers, I related an incident between myself and the “man next door” that may have left a bad taste in the … Continue reading

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The power of love

I’m glad I didn’t put on my mascara yet when I saw this. On a scale of one to five tissues, this is definitely a five! Love, Deanna Joy

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What do you mean “I was asking for it ?” Part deux

For those of you who responded to my post yesterday and who had the compassion not to use my post as a platform to express another way of viewing the situation and simply showed their understanding of how I could … Continue reading

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A humble correction to my post “The burden and the gift”

I feel that it is fair that I offer a correction to an important detail in my last post that unfairly portrays my partner in a very bad light.  She does not deserve to be portrayed in that way and … Continue reading

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How long have I known I wanted to be a girl?

Back in early December during my big “coming out” week, one of the questions that was asked of me was “How long have you known that you wanted to be a girl?”  My answer was “I suppose that I have … Continue reading

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