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Deanna Joy’s Serenity Prayer

To the Infinite Innate Intelligence within me, that some may call God, I am both willing and able to surrender my will and ego to your care, one day at a time. Thank you for granting me the wisdom and … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to All Who Dream of the Impossible

The following letter is one I wrote which started out as a reply to a comment made by a reader who responded to my last post, “Free at Last, Free at last…”  While it is addressed to her, I offer it as … Continue reading

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“Free At Last, Free At Last…”

I believe few if any people can begin to fathom just how joyful and grateful I am to be alive and healthy these days.  As we approach the 4th of July this week, you may have noticed many posts with … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday to the Woman I Have Always Been

Today, November 27, 2013 just happens to be the second birthday of the girl and woman I have always been. If you haven’t read my story before, just click on this link or the link above entitled “Coming Out as Deanna.” The … Continue reading

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A Week of Absolute Miracles

My Prosperity fairy has certainly been busy blessing me this past week. First of all, a new girlfriend from Embodydance has moved in with me and although our relationship remains on a platonic basis, I am totally in love with … Continue reading

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Deanna in Wonderland

There must be a reason, or maybe it isn’t reasonable at all, that seeing a wonderland of white on the ground has the ability to get my creative juices flowing.  After my nearly two month hiatus from writing on this … Continue reading

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An Offering to a Beloved Friend

In response to a fellow blogger who is on a journey of discovery like mine, I have been moved to write the following post.  In respect for her privacy, I  will neither mention her by name nor link to her … Continue reading

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My First Christmas in the Sisterhood of Women

This will be my first Christmas as a woman and I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping at all.  In fact, all of the shopping I’ve been doing has been for myself, namely buying clothes, beauty products and all that … Continue reading

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