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“A child is father to the man (and to the woman)”

This may be a bit off track from my usual posts but I thought it was time to honor my son who I believe has taught me far more about the meaning of love than I could have ever taught … Continue reading

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Let peace always begin with me

I read today of a the death of a two year old girl in Kentucky who was shot to death by her five year old brother, clutching a “My first rifle.” To read the story, click here. I have spoken … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolutions are a “No-brainer”

My personal take on New Year’s Resolutions and the reason they usually don’t come to pass is because they more likely come from the mind rather than the heart.  While the mind is the place where considerations and judgments are … Continue reading

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Learning the meaning of “I’ve got a headache!”

I wrote a post last May called A Sexual Awakening and this post is, in part, a followup of sorts, spoken from my present experiences in my shape-shifting from male to female body, heart and soul, since I began hormone … Continue reading

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Deanna in Wonderland

There must be a reason, or maybe it isn’t reasonable at all, that seeing a wonderland of white on the ground has the ability to get my creative juices flowing.  After my nearly two month hiatus from writing on this … Continue reading

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Falling in love for the first time

This past week has really been hell, and yet, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world, for by all the madness of my week, I have fallen in love in a way that I have never felt before. I … Continue reading

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