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An Open Letter to All Who Dream of the Impossible

The following letter is one I wrote which started out as a reply to a comment made by a reader who responded to my last post, “Free at Last, Free at last…”  While it is addressed to her, I offer it as … Continue reading

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A Word Or Three About Independence Day

This Friday, July 4, 2014 marks the 238th anniversary of the issuance of the Declaration of Independence, even though it was approved by the Continental Congress two days earlier. A committee of five were given charge to compose the document but … Continue reading

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The Girl That Wasn’t

A favorite bedtime storybook from my childhood was one called “The  Bear That Wasn’t.”  It tells the story of a bear who goes into hibernation one fall and during his winter slumber, a huge factory is built over and around … Continue reading

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The truth behind the so called Mayan “end of time”

The notion of the beginning of new paradigm shift to mark the end of the patriarchal dominated paradigm of the Judeo-Christian traditions, which replaced the matriarchal dominated paradigm of the the worship of the Goddess Gaia and other Goddesses in … Continue reading

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