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My Own Declaration of Independence

A response to my post “A Word or Three About Independence Day” got me to thinking about the true meaning of freedom to me. The following is my own Declaration of Independence.” We cannot wait until someone gets in power … Continue reading

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Taking the Wind Out the Sails When It’s Blowing Us Off Course

I have been noticing lately that there are a lot of well-meaning folks out there purporting to be trans-allies and trans-advocates who seem to not be doing those of us who are transgender a favor, but rather making it more … Continue reading

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Why Are Men More Likely to Be “Couch Potatoes?”

I have been thinking about a lot more things lately.  This not to say that I don’t think about a lot of things all of the time. My experience living in a woman’s shoes has shown me that as a woman, I … Continue reading

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On the Road to Bangkok: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It is now exactly 7 weeks until my lifetime wish is fulfilled. I am so excited as each day dawns that I haven’t been able to write any posts as of late, although I did start a few posts that … Continue reading

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A Week of Absolute Miracles

My Prosperity fairy has certainly been busy blessing me this past week. First of all, a new girlfriend from Embodydance has moved in with me and although our relationship remains on a platonic basis, I am totally in love with … Continue reading

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Road to Bangkok minus 152 days

The last few weeks have been full of social events including 4 Meetups with the Girlfriends of Santa Fe, of which I am a welcomed and honored member.  I have even organized a couple of Meetup events myself, including a walking … Continue reading

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A New Perspective on the “Nice Guy” versus the “Bad Boy”

Back when I was still pretending to be David, the man I never was, I was one of the “nice guys.” Looking back on it from a woman’s perspective today,  I can see that I was so starved for affection … Continue reading

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Bangkok, Thailand, Here I Come!

As I have posted on the blog many times before, I have always held in my heart that the completion of my transition with surgery was a done deal. Having said that, I am now in the process of arranging … Continue reading

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Eating Crow: a rewrite to Hey-la-day-la, my Mojo’s back

Looking back at my run-at-the-mouth exposé about testosterone-induced stupidity, I now realize that I have done the male half of our species an injustice by my new-found, woman’s heart.  At least I am able to “eat crow”, that is, to display total … Continue reading

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Life can be a Bitch and Oh So Sweet at the Same Time?

It is funny how sometimes everything often turns out for the best. As I have reported in posts this past winter, about the anxiety I felt, being so close and yet so far, toward completing my transition with surgery abroad. … Continue reading

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