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My First Post-Op Christmas

This Christmas holiday is the first since I completed my physical transition last February.  It is a Christmas I will spend with friends and this year with family.  My son is in town from California and will spend Christmas Eve as … Continue reading

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My Life from Finish to Start

I was sitting in my car this afternoon by the Santa Fe Railyard having just gotten out of a downpour of rain with the help of my housemate Baji who luckily had a golf size umbrella big enough for the … Continue reading

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“The Spy Who Came In from the Cold”

I have been contemplating for awhile to changing the title of this blog to “A Spy In the Enemy Camp – A transgender woman’s  life living as a man.”  The premise for this title is that I once heard or read somewhere … Continue reading

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So What’s Next on My Near Empty Plate?

After two and a half years where the main driving force in my life was completing my physical transition, fueled by my gender dysphoria of not having my external sexual organs reflect my internal gender self identity, I have suddenly come to … Continue reading

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On the Road to Bangkok: Where Have I Been These Past Few Weeks?

I haven’t been keeping all y’all* up to date and I’m pretty sure I now know why.  When I began writing this blog under the title I Am Deanna back in December 2011, I was beginning my journey and each day … Continue reading

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Road to Bangkok minus 152 days

The last few weeks have been full of social events including 4 Meetups with the Girlfriends of Santa Fe, of which I am a welcomed and honored member.  I have even organized a couple of Meetup events myself, including a walking … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

I thought it was time to update the title and sub-title of my blog because what I have been posting lately has taken a whole new direction from when I began in December, 2011. In the beginning, my intent was … Continue reading

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Observations from crossing over to the other side of the fence

To all of the cis-gender men and women out there, I am sorry to say that we live in a basically misogynistic culture.  This is no means a new idea for I have felt this in some way all throughout … Continue reading

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What am I going to wear?

Tomorrow afternoon, I am headed off to the annual retreat of my spiritual community, The Celebration, which I have previously mentioned is where I came out at the end of my big coming out week last December and where I … Continue reading

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