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On the Road to Bangkok: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It is now exactly 7 weeks until my lifetime wish is fulfilled. I am so excited as each day dawns that I haven’t been able to write any posts as of late, although I did start a few posts that … Continue reading

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The Girl That Wasn’t

A favorite bedtime storybook from my childhood was one called “The  Bear That Wasn’t.”  It tells the story of a bear who goes into hibernation one fall and during his winter slumber, a huge factory is built over and around … Continue reading

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The Road to Bangkok: About Saving Face

My good online girlfriend Robyn Alice introduced me to a friend of hers who had her own GRS with Dr. Preecha.  I asked her about the hair removal thing around the surgical site and learned that she didn’t have any … Continue reading

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Hey-la-day-la Part Deux

I want to set the record straight about my post last time when , if you may recall dear readers, I related an incident between myself and the “man next door” that may have left a bad taste in the … Continue reading

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Which Wolf Will You Feed? – A Fable

I don’t know the origin of this fable but it is so poignant that I needed to share it with you.  I have not been doing so well emotionally this past week and I think its time to stop feeding … Continue reading

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I can hardly believe that this is me!

                          Am I hot or what?

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On the Night Before Christmas

As the midnight hour approaches on Christmas eve and will be passed by the time I finish writing and publishing this post, I am reminded once more of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carole.  It is a story that has probably … Continue reading

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An addendum to “On becoming the Divine Bitch

I forgot one more important additon to my last post and I wish to offer it here as an addendum. The lesson I have had to learn about both “energy exchange” and keeping my integrity in check, I must now … Continue reading

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