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A Curious Conundrum

It is interesting to me that when I was still trying to pretend to be a “straight” guy, even though I was ally to the  GLBT communities, I still was abhorrent to watching or even imagining men kissing or otherwise … Continue reading

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The Preface or How and Why I came to write this book

I got a start on my book today and wrote a good part of the Preface where I speak about why I came to write the book in the first place and at the same time, setting the tone of … Continue reading

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Eating Crow: a rewrite to Hey-la-day-la, my Mojo’s back

Looking back at my run-at-the-mouth exposé about testosterone-induced stupidity, I now realize that I have done the male half of our species an injustice by my new-found, woman’s heart.  At least I am able to “eat crow”, that is, to display total … Continue reading

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Life can be a Bitch and Oh So Sweet at the Same Time?

It is funny how sometimes everything often turns out for the best. As I have reported in posts this past winter, about the anxiety I felt, being so close and yet so far, toward completing my transition with surgery abroad. … Continue reading

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