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More on Embracing the Dark Side

I had an epiphany yesterday morning while making breakfast about what happened to me last week and how it all ties in to a dark energy or shadow that we, as women and men, live with every day of our … Continue reading

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The importance of grieving

After reading a blog post written by my dear sister, Kira Moore, I was moved to write this little piece about the importance of both mourning and celebrating that which has passed.  I hope it doesn’t seem like rambling to … Continue reading

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Embracing the dark side

I think that the biggest lesson to yet be learned from the tragedy of 9-11-01 is exemplified in the darkness that was demonstrated in the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, where, ironically, I first learned of the assassination of John … Continue reading

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SHE How I love to hear That three letter word Spoken of me. Deanna Joy  

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I need to be touched to know I’m real

I have been really hard on myself today and I probably will wake up tomorrow feeling quite differently but, then again, that is exactly what has been happening to me all week. Last night I went to dance and when … Continue reading

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Give me your hand!

I can’t understand how one anonymous remark delivered to me from some women in my spiritual community by a man I once trusted with my life but am not so sure now if I can ever trust him again has … Continue reading

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I was asking for it, Part deux

For those of you who responded to my post yesterday and who had the compassion not to use my post as a platform to express another way of viewing the situation and simply showed their understanding of how I could … Continue reading

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I was asking for it!

Yesterday, I got a real shock and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Since then, I have see-sawed back and forth in my feelings and, for me, the bricks are still falling, one after another. It seems that … Continue reading

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Deanna’s first birthday

It’s been weeks since my last post and in the meantime, I have moved once again, this time to share a house with a woman.  Also, last Saturday, the 7th of July was my birthday and I had not made … Continue reading

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