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I am truly honored!

I have been nominated by Kira Moore’s Closet for the: Tell Me About Yourself Award. I would just like to say Thank you! I appreciate you thinking of me. Here are the rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you Thank … Continue reading

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Memories as a Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I had completely forgotten about it, as could be understandable in my present state of head and heart but it all came rushing to the forefront of my awareness not as a thought but … Continue reading

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My very first “Girl’s Night Out”

Two things have happened this week, since I returned from a wonderful retreat last weekend of my Celebration community at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. The first thing that happened was that I was invited by one of my new “girlfriends” … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Michellelianna:
“How to Tell if Your Man is Really a Woman!” Sounds like great blub for the cover of Cosmo, situated right beneath Zooey Deschanel’s armpit. I love her by the way. I can’t say if this…

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What am I going to wear?

Tomorrow afternoon, I am headed off to the annual retreat of my spiritual community, The Celebration, which I have previously mentioned is where I came out at the end of my big coming out week last December and where I … Continue reading

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Closing doors behind me

I actually love it when a fellow TG blogger writes something that brings to mind an incident in my past where I have felt marginalized by having undue attention brought to me because it allows me to close a door … Continue reading

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Not having to try hard to be myself

Since being transgender seems to me, at least, mainly to be an issue of self-image, we are really not much different than cisgender people who have issues of their own self image, like women with too much hair where it … Continue reading

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