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Radical Feminism in 2012

There is a conference of women going on in the UK in July called Radfem 2012 which is open only to participants who are “women born women, living as women” as stated in what could be perceived as a manifesto of sorts … Continue reading

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Life is getting juicier by the moment

At around six o’clock this evening I woke up from a very vivid dream.  I didn’t sleep well last night as I was excited at the prospect of stepping out from the comfort of my left brain to participate in … Continue reading

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Why walk when you can fly?

My fellow blogger friend Becky, in her recent post “How Things Work (or I’m Proud That My Kids Are Mad at Me)” has once again brought to mind some yet unprocessed emotional baggage around the issue of my own marriage breaking … Continue reading

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When someone hands you a gift, just say “Thank You!”

Yesterday’s little drama brought up once more a painful old issue around self sabotage.  The way I viewed these freak accidents in my past life as David was that they were wake-up calls to get me to see something that … Continue reading

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A bunch of lemons in search of some sugar and water

I can’t believe what I did to myself today, in the wake of a post I reblogged from Girl in Progress a few days a go called “Self Harm”. As I was getting up from my desk to do something, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Girl in Progress:
I originally posted this on my old blog about 4 years ago, I had lost everything I posted… but recently found a notebook with half my posts in, it is still very current. When…

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We hold these truths to be self evident

I have so far kept this blog as a personal diary of my transition from living as one gender into living as the “other” gender, yet there comes a time when the very act of discovering what kind of person … Continue reading

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Taking a moment in support of a broader issue

Although the focus of this blog is about my own personal journey into being the woman of my dreams, sometimes I must stop a moment to support other issues in the broader spectrum of rights for those of us who … Continue reading

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On feelings of invalidation and changing my mind

My online TG friend, Michelle posted this blog “Conditions to Transition” which brought to mind how feelings of invalidation on what I have chosen to do has, in the past at least, sometimes brought me to the edge of despair. I … Continue reading

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A Sexual Awakening

Last night and early this morning I had some fantastic dreams.  I haven’t been dreaming much lately, if fact, almost not at all.  Instead, I have been having many sleepless nights, catching a few winks here and there just before … Continue reading

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