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Keeping my eye on the prize

My latest challenges are two and they both are so much of equal importance that I can not neglect one while seeking the other.  The first is finding a part time or full time job being openly a transgender female … Continue reading

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The Road shared with my Sisters

I’ve been thinking a lot about the surgery which will ultimately define me as a woman in the physical realm.  I spent a good part of the morning on the internet to find all that there is to know about … Continue reading

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I am now officially Deanna

As of about 9 o’clock yesterday morning, Friday the thirteenth, my name legally became Deanna Joy Hallmark.  Going to court to have my legal name change was actually a very pleasant experience because all of the others who were seeking … Continue reading

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Beauty really does come from within

This morning I had a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon regarding both facial surgery and liposuction.  My first impression upon entering his office was that it appeared very much like the spa where I’m currently having laser hair removal … Continue reading

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It takes work to be an “Everyday Goddess”

I haven’t written a post for about a week but I have been a very busy girl.  Today, after an hour’s walk to the nearby Women’s Club and back,  I went to my Anti-Coagulation clinic and saw my regular nurse … Continue reading

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In my mind, I am already there

It could be wishful thinking, but I swear my breasts are growing.  I’ve read that it’s supposed to happen with taking estrogen but I haven’t started that yet, and I do so look forward to when I can.  Before my … Continue reading

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